Dunkel wars, a Film by Justin Koch
LENZ, Theaterplay, Regie: Hendrik Vogel, Cast: Stefan Kreissig, 2007
making of the perfect suit – for GQ Germany
mercedes-benz fashion week stockholm
Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2015
making of »heritage«
Pringle of Scotand – SS2015 Womanswear
querschlaeger, teaser
call it a balance in the unbalance, a Film by Regine Lettner, Lüthje Schneider Hörl Film, HFF Munic
ein Wandervogelleben, a Film by Boris Burghardt und Jacob Reinhard
Dries Van Noten »inspirations«
Audi Stories of Greatness: Alfredo Alvarez
Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2015
Casa Nata Teaser
Pringle of Scotland x Michael Clark Company Live Perfomance at Galleria Carla Sozzani
the essence of niessing
AIDS T-Shirt – Maison Martin Margiela Munich store exhibition
pringle of Scotland brandfilm


A Multi-channel installation.

32 loudspeakers on the top of an art piece by Rebecca Law for Hermès.

Nature sound environment soundscapes are mixed with piano and electronic sound patterns.

Music by : Tom Förderer, Piano: Götz Strompen
Hermès, Royal Opera House, London 2012


6-channel installation.

6 loudspeakers integrated in wooden discs hanging from above. The discs have similar acoustic properties than normal speakers.

The speakers reproduce a composition of daily noises. Recorded voices, people and music are mixed to a intercultural sound convention.

EU+, Design from the new EU memberstates,
Exhibition by Werner Aisslinger, Designmai, Pfefferberg, Berlin 2004


A floating movable sound sculpture.

5.1 surround units for professional wireless monitoring.

Outer shell: microglas

The shell- strength allows a sufficient sound resonance and stability to attach the technical components.

Different acoustic environments could be constructed to the audience.

Blindfolds help to concentrate on the sound.

The acoustic perception is concentrated on the floating of the sculpture and its sound. The attributes of the sounds are moving around the auditor.

Option for translucent or solid shell for inner lighting or video projections.

An audiovisual object for public spaces.

Project by Tom Förderer, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design


Tom Foerderer profile picture

Cologne based composer, sound-designer, sound-recordist for documentaries and DJ, Tom’s life revolves around sound. After his first contact with music, in particular funk, big beat, trip hop and house

music in the 90´s, he started to mix music.

After studies in media-art, at the University of Art and Design Karlsruhe, his acoustic output spread in different ways:

He produces music for videos, films, theatre plays, and is also working as a sound designer. He creates lush, minimalist sound carpets for sound sculptures and sound installations.

Tom is also crafting deep, ambient-driven, electronic tracks.

On the decks he brings a deepsmoothfunkyvibrationalelectronic DJ-set to the dance floor, or plays downbeat for all kinds of events.